We have 11 incredibly talented contributors in our 2022 Almanac making this latest version possible and better than we could have ever imagined! For the remainder of the year, each month The Mystics Society will recognize one contributor for their outstanding hard work, dedication, and love for their craft and community. This month's contributor is Katina Castillo. Second-generation U.S.-born Latina of Mexican, Central American, and Greek descent, her personal transformation began with ethnic studies of her cultural histories and travel across Latin America. She began praying and engaging in healing ceremonies with sacred plant medicine more than a decade ago and became an Evolutionary Astrologer by seeking accessible and spiritually centered mental health support and tools for deeper, generational, ancestral self-exploration of the soul. Additionally, Katina has studied herbalism and curanderismo for several years and has a lifelong commitment to physical health as revolutionary praxis. Among her many teachers are precious elders and wisdom keepers she honors from Maya, Mexica, Huichol, Zapotec, Arapaho, Paiute, Diné, O'odham, Lakota, Chumash, and Shipibo tribal traditions. Katina’s gifts are deep and full wheel. She is weaving magic and bringing it into our community for the journey forward. Her sessions book at $100 / hour.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-10-12 23:00:36 UTC