I adore the inward, peaceful, reflective, yet powerful energies of the New Moon. I honor this time with some extra self-care, a journaling date, a sweet visioning bath, a sensory walk at night under the starlight alone. What are your New Moon rituals? If you want to create or add to your own, here are a few elements to consider... Prepare the space energetically. What are your personal or cultural traditions for preparing sacred space? It could be lighting a candle, smudging, playing specific music... Start from a place of calm, quiet, and comfort.Write, draw, or journal your intentions and desires. You can use guiding questions like: What am I releasing? What seeds do I wish to plant? And consider meditating on your intentions from a place of wonder, magic, release of expectation and gratitude. Create a prism or two if it feels fun! Maybe a vision board with images that reflect this new way, or a card or mirror drawing.Release: Imagine releasing energy, patterns, and even things that no longer serve you.Share your prayers of trust, opening, and gratitude.Close the circle by blowing out your candle, releasing the circle, or turning the page. And as in all things ritual and magic, please remember to request "ease and grace" and underscore your request for all that transpires to be in alignment with your "highest good."

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-09-25 14:00:24 UTC