Relationship guidance for this month comes from the North card. You may feel as though you cannot see the path ahead and are afraid of what is to come. What would it be to trust in the unfolding? What would it be to allow yourself to be journeyed into the "not knowing," while trusting that the path before you will rise to meet your feet? In the north, you feel the spacious potential of the midnight sky or the deep winter's night. In the north, open up space for the dreaming and visioning of all that wants to be. When north shows itself, it is a potent time to "let go" and "let god": to let your path be illuminated by the lantern of trust and believing. You have powerful guides and allies by your side to help lead the way. Know how to best navigate the shifting paradigms in our social systems and political structures with the Mystics Almanac.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-09-08 21:12:53 UTC