"When we are not in alignment with our sacred commerce, we often feel shackled by our profession or work. This feeling that we're trading our time for money." - Lindsay Pera If this in any way describes how you feel, this Right Livelihood conversation on Sacred Commerce is just for you! Do you believe Right Livelihood is your birthright? I mean, really REALLY believe that through every fiber of your body? It's ok if you read that and hear a resounding "no" in your head. It's for this reason that we come together in a circle, in a tight-knit community to work through all the niggling voices we have inside that tell us this could never be real, this could never happen in our lives. There is still time to claim your spot in our Journey to Right Livelihood program. Journey to Right Livelihood only runs once per year...if you're hearing the whispers, I'd encourage you to honor them and join us on this most sacred path.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-09-05 15:00:08 UTC