GUARDIANS: Although they are always with you, it helps to invite your guardians in. Your guardians have been with you since the moment you came into form: wrapping you in light and holding space around your sleeping form. In sleep and waking, your guardians are by your side. Speaking to you in metaphor, in song, in numbers, through music, prose, poetry, and the "not knowing." They are trying to get your attention. Not only are they with you, by your side, but they invite you into a deeper level of communication and co-creation with them. Bring in the guardians. They offer protection unparalleled in the natural. They are a dream team, and desire to see you not only happy, peaceful, and prosperous, but aligned, activated, and truly living your purpose and path. You've got a circle of support around you. It's time to claim it and truly lean into the safety and power it affords you.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-08-16 02:10:15 UTC