The mystic is all around us… It can be imagined as a kind of energy field with which we have direct contact. Mystic energy helps create changes in our daily lives. It’s a transformational force, a generative ally. As our ability to access it grows, we come more fully into our purpose and potential in this world. The Mystics Path is the journey of alignment through expanded awareness and access to the mystic realm. It’s about becoming who we are meant to be. Why embark on this path? Why take the leap and invite the disruption in the status quo? Why sacrifice what is for what could be? Because we each have something we’re meant to do. There is something we are meant to bring forward. Perhaps we have no idea what it is. Or maybe we do, but we don’t know how to pull it through into reality. We carry the burden of knowing there is something more in this life. We have a longing, an inner calling we’re trying to hear, like the beat of a distant drum. It’s time to make the journey.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-08-13 02:30:47 UTC