2022 welcomes us to honor transformative experiences in a communal and sacred way. We are called to create a reverent and sacred space to welcome the waves of sadness. We are encouraged to speak to grief and ask what is here to be transformed. Your tears are your offering; so weep. Weep and welcome transformation. The river has risen to carry us home to our hearts -- our true home where love is the foundation. May your journey be anointed! About Rev. Tammy Lorraine Rev. Tammy Lorraine is a minister, mystic, adviser, and energy healer. Focused on a mission to lead others toward spiritual wholeness and human wellness, she facilitates spiritual coaching and personal leadership workshops and retreats. Guided by a deep love for humanity, she aims to reveal beauty to closed eyes and love to closed hearts.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-08-10 02:28:26 UTC