The Mystics Society is an expansive community for healers, creatives, and intuitive entrepreneurs. In this container, you'll learn to create rhythms and core routines to help you fully claim and integrate your gifts, so you can live by the heartbeat of your inner Mystic. We follow an overarching theme each month. August's theme is Accessing Success and Your "Why." Learning to craft our own definition of "success" and how to live by it is one of the key lessons of our lifetime. If you've struggled with staying connected to your "why" and your vision, please circle with us this month...What you receive in August:How to create your own divine vision of Success, a video teaching from me.A tapping practice to help you find success your way, separate from societal or familial stories, from Claire Hayes.Astrological forecast audio about Leo Season and Success, from our resident astrologer Katina Castillo.Plus, FIVE more offerings from our guest contributors to help you embody your unique definition of success. Upgrade by Monday, August 15 to receive the first month free! After your first month, your membership will renew at $8.99/month, and you can easily cancel at any time.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-08-09 19:01:20 UTC