Insights from Southern Hemisphere by Mariana Bandarra As we pause to look into the future, we often find ourselves at the open sea. In times of longing for familiarity, we may struggle with two seemingly conflicting desires. On the one hand, we want to keep ourselves afloat, connected to the fabric of consensual reality, to find a sense of preparedness in the face of so many layers of collapsing systems. On the other hand, we feel a pull towards the deep waters, the dark abyss underneath it all, out of which every living thing flows forth. The deep dive requires us to move from a problem-solving mentality toward a solution-feeling state. Floating requires active surrender to the conditions. Either movement calls for trust. At this time, we are being collectively asked to befriend the unfamiliar. Meanwhile, our present choices and actions are under a magnifying glass, as the waves are crashing and the storms are forming — objects in the mirror, as we have learned, are closer than they appear. Read more to find out the three ideas that have bubbled up from the deluge of awe and beauty that is 2022. Take them as medicine, as needed, or as supplements to enhance your walk as you journey across the waters of time toward the unknown ~ About Mariana Bandarra ~ Mariana Bandarra is an artist, strategist, and mystic with a revolutionary disposition. From circles to podcasts to devotional chanting, her work aims to inspire sustainable self-expression and awaken radical self-compassion. Drawing on a mix of ancient wisdom and contemporary findings, Mariana helps women and groups rediscover their wild brilliance, harness their personal power, and find their authentic voice.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-07-08 01:00:20 UTC