There are THREE primary forms of energy that present themselves in our personal transformation journey... 1. Connection to Self: Life force energy, Well-being, Creation, Personal Empowerment 2. Connection to Others: "Success" Resonance, Engagement, & Community 3. Commerce: Yes...Money! (Abundance, Prosperity, etc). Money is one of the most potent forms of energy in our modern paradigm. It is an energetic medium that denotes "value" - meaning, and certainly impacts not only how we experience the journey but how we can influence the world around us - in all kinds of positive ways! This month we will be looking deeply at the Energetics of personal and business alchemy. We'll focus mainly on the mastery of our own personal energy. Because we must first become true masters of our own physical energy, energetic body, and even light frequencies before we can fully tap into the power of the other forms of energy all around us - including "success" and "abundance."

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-07-05 04:09:32 UTC