I say we just keep following their lead. They have no delusions of the future they’re facing, and they aren’t afraid of the shadows. Continuing the devastating legacy of disastrous SCOTUS rulings for 2022 we are expected to see a dismantling of the EPAs ability to regulate climate offenders by end of week or as early as tomorrow - we are witnessing the systematic unraveling of individual, societal, and now planetary protections and freedoms. And yet I read today that 67% of first time eligible voters (would that be Gen Z?) are reporting they now intend to vote. Of course voting alone won’t get us out of this hole, but not voting sure doesn’t help. That said these kids give me hope. And on this eve of our June Way Station aptly named “Unbroken in the Balance” and this watery New Moon in Cancer, anchoring hope is one of the very best things we can do. #together  💗🙏💫🌎 365 Days of Gratitude...day 297 (297/365/y12) #365DaysofGratitude #GratitudeGirl #DailyGratitude #EverydayMagic #gratefulone #california #hawksperch #fallofhumanrights #keepbeingloud #cricketini #perakeets #eloo #waystation2022 #scotus2022 #unbroken #anchoringhope

Posted by lindsaypera at 2022-06-28 11:52:53 UTC